Drop Everything and Fix Your Dripping Pipes

Save money and water by finding and addressing leaks in your Spicewood & Austin, TX home or business

3 problems an unaddressed leak can cause

3 problems an unaddressed leak can cause

A hidden leak can result in problems that can affect the structure of your home or business facility and the contents of your wallet. These issues include:

  1. Higher utility bills
  2. Water damage to your home’s structure
  3. Growth of mold and mildew

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Noticing wet spots on your floor or lush green patches of grass in your yard? You may have a leaking pipe. Pennington's Plumbing LLC can detect and fix any slab leaks and yard line leaks that may occur on your Spicewood & Austin, TX property. Using a leak locator and hydrator foams, we can find any leak in copper line or PEX pipes.

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